Parish Priests

Father Edward F. Goetz
Father Edward F. Goetz
October 1910 to March 1918

Father J. R. Quigley
Father J. R. Quigley
March 1918 to 1925

Father Nagle
Father Charles Nagle
1925 (for 3 months)

Father Costello
Rev. Father F. Costello
Fall 1925 to April 1926

Monsignor J. H. O'Neil
Monsignor Joseph H. O'Neil
August 1926 to June 1968

Father F. Mulkern
June 1968 to ?

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Assistant Priests

Father Blondell
Father L. Blondell
October 1933 to June 1938

Father O"Rourke
Father J. L. O'Rourke
June 1938 to 1945

Father McCormick
Father J. J. McCormick
1945 to June 1946

Father Spencer
Father A. Spencer
July 1946 to July 1955

Father McGraw
Father J. McGraw
July 1955 to October 1955

Father Allaster
Father D. Allaster
October 1955 to June 1956

Father Milne
Father P. Milne
June 1956 to October 1956

Father Morse
Father R. L. Morse
October 1956 to June 1960

Father Horwath
Father L. Horwath
June 1960 to September 1966<

Father Mizzi
Father J. Mizzi
Second Assistant Priest
July 1965 to July 1966

Father Czap
Father A. M. Czap
July 1966 to

Father Denys
Father J. Denys
September 1966 to June 1967

Father Bensette
Father J. Bensette
August 1967 to October 1967

Father Caruana
Father Caruana
1968 to ?

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Parish History

First Church
The first church in Tillsonburg was built in 1874.

First Rectory
The first rectory in Tillsonburg was built in 1911.

Layine corner stone
Corner stone for the new church was laid in 1932.

New church interioe
Interior of the new chuch in 1932.

New church exterior
Church exterior in 1932.

New organ
In 1951 fundraising was started for a Casavant pipe organ there was a recital on the new organ in January of 1952.

Christmas Crib
An outdoor Christmas Crib was donated by Mr. G. V. Livingston donated the stable and Epiphany figures and Mrs. Helen Mayorcsak donated the Statue of the Blessed Virgin in December 1952.

Exterior of Church in 1958
The first sod was turned for the enlargement of the church in June 1957.

Shrine of Our Lady
In 1957 at the request and donation of Mr. and Mrs. G. V. Livingston, a place for the shrine to Our Mother of Perpetual Help was included in the construction.  The wrought iron work was donated by Andy Balazs.

Interior of Church with new Marble Altar
A new marble altar was donated by Mrs. C. Buckborrough and Father John Mahoney in 1957.

Rectory in 1963
Moved into the new rectory in May 1963

altar of the Blessed Sacrament
In 1966 the altar of the Blessed Sacrament was donated by the Catholic Women's League. The mosaic symbol of the Pelican was made in Rome.

Planting Centennial Tree
In April of 1967 a red maple tree was planted by Monsignor O'Neil as a centennial tree.

Planting Msgr O'Neil's Anniversary Tree
In April of 1967 a red maple tree was planted by Monsignor O'Neil in memory of Monsignor O'Neil's forty-fifth ordination anniversary

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