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Pope Francis has a dream. In his Apostolic Exhortation “Evangelii Gaudium” he states “I dream of a missionary option”. I like a dreamer, particularly this one. He goes on to say that ministry in a missionary style would actually reach everyone with a message that would concentrate on the essentials in a simple and convincing way. He even so boldly states:

“Pastoral ministry in a missionary key seeks to abandon the complacent attitude that says: “We have always done it this way”. I invite everyone to be bold and creative in this task of rethinking goals, structures, styles and methods of evangelization in their respective communities.”

Pope Francis realizes that “Youth Ministry, as traditionally organized, has also suffered the impact of social changes” and “the awareness that the entire community is called to evangelize and educate the young and the urgent need for the young to exercise greater leadership” are two foundational ideas he proposes. At St. Mary’s we have a “bold and creative” plan to equip each and every one of us to be evangelizers in our families, our workplace, our schools, our communities and our world.

Change is not always easy. We have been very good at gathering our young people of this parish. But we know we need to equip those around them with the knowledge and tools to continue evangelizing and educating our youth. Youth Ministry has taken on a MANTLE OF FAMILY MINISTRY. What that means is that we will intentionally minister to the entire family through various programs and retreats, in the schools and sacramental preparation.


Sunday School

October through June during 9:00 a.m. Mass at the Father Langan Parish Centre.
For those ages 3 to the end of Grade 1.
An opportunity for our little children to be encouraged to learn about Jesus and His love through songs, crafts and stories.
Fr. Tom calls the children up at the beginning of mass and they return during the offertory.


Birthday Card Program

Each child registered in our parish receives a birthday card from the pastoral team and St. Mary’s Church to celebrate their life! It is important that families notify the parish if they move or have additional children – it is the only way for us to know! If you haven’t registered with our parish please contact the rectory office to do so. We want our children and youth to know that they DO matter to all of us here at St. Mary’s!


Vacation Bible School

A one-week half day program in the summer for children entering FDK through 6. Each year a new theme of our faith is explored through Bible stories, crafts, skits and song. Leadership opportunities will be available to high school students who wish to grow in the leadership and evangelization skills.

Chill Zone

The Chill Zone is a safe drop in zone for youth in grades five through high school usually on the second Friday of each month in October to May from 7 to 9 pm. There is a games room with PS2, Xbox, Wii and cards. The conversation lounge has a foozball table and air hockey table. The gym runs a physical activity each night. We offer creative activities as well, depending on the seasons and holidays. Youth are required to sign in with a contact number, those in high school have the option to sign out by themselves, while those in elementary school (grades five to eight) are required to stay at the Chill Zone until a parent picks them up. If you wish to be an adult volunteer please contact the office.


School Masses

Will be celebrated throughout the school year at the Church and at the school. Parents and parishioners are invited to attend. Both our Catholic elementary Schools have an active F.I.A.T. (Faith in Action Team) program that once a month assists with a weekend liturgy at the parish.


Living Rosary

A real blessing to evangelizing and educating our youth. We are praying the rosary with grade one through eight classes – what a beautiful way to tell the stories of Jesus and Mary. We always encourage the children to pray the rosary at home with their family.


Steubenville Toronto

Each year we are committed to sending 20 high school youth to Steubenville Toronto. There is no doubt this conference changes our hearts and draws each of us into a closer relationship with Jesus.


Christian Thread - High School Ministry

Open to all high school students! Our gatherings allow teenagers to feel supported, have fun and grow in faith. Being with other faith-filled teenagers help equip our high school students with ways to defend their beliefs and to help others understand their faith. Food is always a highlight! Contact Colleen Hanley for an updated schedule.


Theology on Tap

An opportunity for our college and university young adults to get together and catch up, share joys and disappointments and find different ways and supports to continue to grow in their faith in a campus culture.


Family Catechism

Our Family Catechism program is an excellent opportunity to learn more about our faith and meet other families in our community! Children are divided into age based classrooms while parents and adults are free to attend an adult formation class. Supervised nursery is provided for infants and toddlers. Classes are held Sunday afternoons from 3-5 pm in the Parish Centre. To register or see the schedule go to www.famfi.ca.


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